What started as a dream is now a reality.

In 2017, MaryAnn McKenzie purchased the parcel with the dream of creating a diverse, permaculture farm.  She fell in love with the historic barn and the restoration of it became an amazing and engrossing experience.

Because of the farm’s proximity to a number of towns –Fitchburg, Verona, Oregon, Stoughton, McFarland- as well as the city of Madison, and because the barn was too lovely to keep to herself, the idea of creating a community educational and event center was born. 

A great opportunity to connect an urban populace with an alternative agricultural system, while also providing opportunities to explore and experiment with new ideas in agriculture and conservation.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is the philosophy of creating a space through whole systems thinking, focusing on natural ecosystems that provide regenerative agriculture, rewilding, and resilience. “Permaculture is a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature” according to David Holmgren, who helped originally coin the term.

Four Winds Farms permaculture design focuses on native Wisconsin ecosystems and community social aspects to create a permanent culture of sustainable environmental design.

Our farm is home to a diverse variety of ecological features including an oak, maple, and black walnut timber forest, hay fields, mixed orchard, hop fields, herb garden, and bee hives. We also host wetland and water retention systems, composting space, and pasture. In the future, our farm will be home to sheep, chickens, a pumpkin patch, and hobbit hole.

multi-functional gathering space

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